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Installation and commissioning ...
We Electromet Projects a focuses specifically on installation and commissioning of the delivered products including related control equipments. Our staff and engineers gained extensive practical experience in installation and commissioning assignments, Planning, Site management, Quality inspections. Our specialized staff can look back on several years of professional experience, sometimes gained under extremely difficult conditions.

Our expertise covers all the different issues of installation and commissioning of high voltage products up to 400 kV, to assure excellent service results.

While Installing the breaker:
  • Proper boom length Crain and accessories
  • Avoid excessive dust and moisture
  • protect the porcelain and gas pipes from damage
  • clean O-rings and sealing surfaces before assembly. Do not scratch them
  • Follow the right procedure of caulking and sealing of joints.
  • During storage, avoid contact with water or high humidity.

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  • 66kV to 400kV Spring Pneumatic CB

  • 33kV to 245kV Spring Spring CB

  • 6.6kv to 33 kV Indoor Switchgear

  • 145kV to 400kV Isolators

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