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We take pleasure to introduce ourselves in the field of Electrical and IT divisions. Electromet Projects is one of India’s leading Sales and service providers with division in Electrical and IT of high quality SF6 Gas Circuit Breakers Spares and services, Isolators, Lighting Arresters, Surge Counters, Engineering Procurement, computers, IT, office automation products, panel assembly, wiring, services for corporate offices, Govt. Offices, Construction of Transmission / Distribution Lines, Substations, Rural Electrification Works, office automations services, AMC for office automation products like Computers, UPS, Printers, Inverters, Projectors and various allied job works.

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Switchgear/ Circuit Breakers Spares & Services
The services include Servicing, Overhauling, , retrofitting, etc., erection and commissioning. Also we provide services for panel assembly, computer annual monthly contracts, office automation services,  such as Erection, Commissioning, Repairs, Servicing / Overhauling, Retrofitting, Preventive Maintenance, Annual maintenance, Testing of Switchgear, Attending Complaints like Gas / Air Leakages, Pole Discrepancies, preventive and breakdown maintenance, measurement of moisture content (dew point measurement, Drying of Gas, Recovery/transfer/purification of SF6 gas from SF6 circuit breakers poles of Circuit Breakers products.
Spares :
Our principles have also authorised us to supply spares to their clients.
Retrofitting :
We also undertake retrofitting work of Circuit breakers.
SF6 Gas and Gas Reclaiming :
SF6 Gas is considered to be the best dielectric medium for EHV Switchgears up to 400kV because of its properties, We supply, reclaim from poles / empty cylinders, purify SF6 gas.
SF6 Gas is available in Standard Capacity Cylinders of 11kg, 25kg, 36kg, and 50kg. Under NTP, SF6 is in gaseous form. It is filled in cylinder at 0oC to 5oC. Hence under completely filled cylinder, Bulk of the cylinder is filled with liquid SF6. As gas is used from new cylinder, liquid gas level drops in side cylinder, which ultimately reduces weight and pressure of gas. At certain stage the cylinder is declared as empty where as 1/2 to 1 kg of gas is still there in the cylinder.

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  • 66kV to 400kV Spring Pneumatic CB

  • 33kV to 245kV Spring Spring CB

  • 6.6kv to 33 kV Indoor Switchgear

  • 145kV to 400kV Isolators

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