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Repairs, Diagnosis ...

We inspect the products installed at site check, verify the condition of services of the product i.e. operation history of product and come to the conclusion with minimum cost to extend the life of the product with high service efficiency of the product.

A. Mechanism housing.
Complete dismantling, cleaning and reassembling of the sub-assemblies with specified tolerances as per the product specifications, specially AM cylinder assembly, control valve assembly, Trip and close coil assembly, Antipumping assembly, Shock absorber assembly etc.

B. Electrical System.
Complete checking of the control and auxiliary circuit with reference to approved schematic drawing.

C. Pneumatic system.
Checking of Safety valve, Drain valve, Check valve, Compressor unit, Pressure switches, Air reservoirs. Replacement of Gas pipe O-rings, Check for air and gas leakage.

D. General.
Visual check, Check for water seepage, Operation of On/Off indication, Critical settings of various components, etc.

E. Pole Overhauling.
1. Contacts inspection/ Replacement if required
2. Nozzle inspection/ Replacement if required
3. Replacement of desiccant/absorbent
4. Inspection and cleaning of pole unit/porcelain.
5. Tightness of hardware's/fasteners

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